X86 Opcode and Instruction Reference

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Immediately following the initial release of the reference, it emerged that a large number of users are interested in a printed version. You can order a copy here.

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If you are interested in coding in assembler, you should consider X86 Instruction Reference, thanks to instruction sorting by mnemonic. If you need to understand reversed code, X86 Opcode Reference, which is sorted by opcode, will suit you better.


Any edition is complete reference of instructions available on x86 Intel processors: all general, system, x87 FPU, SSE(1), SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3 instructions.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are available: 32-bit edition covers x86-32 instruction set, 64-bit edition is specific to x86-64 (x64) instructions.

The references are led by All informations about an instruction in one row idea, which makes possible to put all important information about an instruction/opcode on a single row.

Another idea of this reference is exactness. You can expect exact and exhaustive information about any defined instruction, including undocumented ones. The reference is driven primarily by Intel processor manuals, but reflects also incompatibilies in AMD implementation of x86 instruction set.

X86 Instruction Reference

X86 Instruction Reference Cover Page
Preview 32-bit edition (PDF)
X86 Instruction Reference Cover Page
Preview 64-bit edition (PDF)

Instruction reference is especially useful for quick look-up for particular instruction mnemonic thanks to sorting by mnemonic.

More than 900 mnemonics are listed.

X86 Opcode Reference

X86 Instruction Reference Cover Page
Preview 32-bit edition (PDF)
X86 Instruction Reference Cover Page
Preview 64-bit edition (PDF)

Opcode reference is great when you need to examine binary code, because it is easy to find a particular opcode.

More than 800 unique opcodes are listed.

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Size A4 landscape (so that all columns fit well), both-sides print. Wear-resistant black plastic comb binding for your comfortable browsing.

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Instruction Reference, 32-bit Edition
 ISBN 978-80-254-2347-9
 Second Edition, September 2008
24 pages preview (PDF)
Instruction Reference, 64-bit Edition
 ISBN 978-80-254-2348-6
 Second Edition, September 2008
25 pages preview (PDF)
Opcode Reference, 32-bit Edition
 ISBN 978-80-254-2349-3
 First Edition, July 2008
26 pages preview (PDF)
Opcode Reference, 64-bit Edition
 ISBN 978-80-254-2350-9
 First Edition, July 2008
26 pages preview (PDF)

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